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Announcing A New Page on This Blog

This blog for the In View Series added a new page, called “In View with Larry King Producer,” today. The page talks about the important roles that members of the production team for the In View Series play in assembling and producing content for the show.

Medical Ingenuity, and Gene Therapy

Medical Ingenuity, and Gene Therapy

Gene therapy has shown great promise in helping leukemia patients.

Medical ingenuity could lead to solutions to many common health problems within our lifetimes. A new approach, called gene therapy, involves changing problem genes that lead to diseases and health issues. A gene on a particular chromosome that could lead to cancer or some other disease can be replaced with a benign genetic sequence. Already, doctors and medical professionals have used gene therapy to treat leukemia and other blood cancers, and so far, the results look promising.

As man learns more about the complex genetic makeup of our bodies, gene therapy could become an effective treatment for type–I diabetes and numerous other conditions, helping people lead healthier and more enjoyable lives.

Innovation Highlighted on the In View Series

Featuring Stories of Ingenuity Across Society

Innovation continues to drive advances in many areas of the economy. The In View Series, an enlightening television program distributed on numerous cable outlets and across the internet, frequently showcases stories and examples of innovation and ingenuity across the United States economy and across American society. The series reaches millions of TV households across the U.S. each month, as well as large numbers of internet users in the U.S. and around the world. The In View TV show, hosted by television legend and Hall of Fame broadcaster Larry King, explores many examples of innovation across society and throughout the economy.

King, who turned 80 years old last week, has maintained a busy schedule in recent years. Since the end of his show “Larry King Live” in 2010, King has continued to interview prominent guests and maintain a presence in the media world. He hosts a program called “Larry King Now” in which he interviews prominent guests such as entertainers. He frequently appears as a guest on talk shows.

Innovation in Business and Health Care

The series explores how innovation has driven progress, efficiency and profits in numerous settings. The series has showcased hospitals and medical facilities across the United States that offer innovative medical treatments and innovative diagnostic tools. It also profiles leading medical groups, physicians and practices that have used innovative techniques and procedures to set themselves apart from competitors. Other segments of this upbeat TV program have highlighted innovation in education, like technology tools that help educators engage student sand help students learn, as well as improvements in industries like shipping and agriculture.

Pain Management, and the In View Series

Pain Management, and the In View Series

Fibromyalgia symptoms include pain in various parts of the body.

The producers of the In View series hosted by Larry King recently added a video about pain management to the show’s YouTube channel. In a related story, a new study finds that patients with fibromyalgia, a mysterious chronic ailment, process pain differently than people without the condition.  Fibromyalgia patients respond to pain management treatments differently than typical patients.

The In View series Larry King, an educational TV program distributed to TV audiences across the United States on cable outlets like the Discovery Channel, informs TV viewers about medical topics and stories, education stories, business stories, environmental subjects and other subjects.

Growing Careers

Growing Careers

Here’s a look at some of the careers that may grow in coming years.

Not surprisingly, many publications list health-related careers among the top careers in the future. America’s aging population, coupled with longer lifespans and bad habits, will create needs for many health professionals in the years and decades ahead. With people living longer, they will need to manage their assets and finances better, creating needs for financial planners. Below you will find a list of some of the careers expected to grow the most in the near future, as gleaned from multiple sources.

10.  Home health aides and certified nursing assistants (CNAs):  Although many people regard these individuals as underpaid, greater demand for their services, such as bathing, dressing changing bandages and more in people’s homes, may increase the compensation they receive. America’s aging population will rely upon these individuals to live independently in their own homes.

9.  Personal financial planners. Personal financial planners help clients manage and wisely invest their financial resources. Concerns over the long-term solvency of the “social safety net” of Social Security and Medicare could help this profession grow even more. With people living longer, they will need to stretch their savings for longer periods of time. Financial planners help clients live within their means and plan for the future.

8.  Human resources (HR) managers. People finding the best candidates to fill open positions within their companies, retaining talented individuals and managing benefits programs, HR managers look poised to remain valuable figures in many companies.

7.  Massage therapists. Another career that will benefit from the country’s aging population, massage therapists help clients ease their pain and work out knots, aches and soreness.

6.  Physician assistants (P.A.’s). With the shortage of doctors expected to worsen as demand for medical services grows, P.A.’s will serve as valuable medical professionals to lessen the burdens on physicians and provide more timely medical care. P.A.’s lack the training and stature of doctors, but they have become valued intermediaries in the health profession, and likely will continue playing key roles in patients’ medical care.

5.  Energy specialists and engineers. The need to access energy sources will not go away any time soon. Energy engineers will play vital roles in affordably accessing fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal, and will also play key roles in producing, collecting and transporting renewable energy from sources like solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric energy.

4.  Personal trainers, athletic trainers and sports medicine specialists. These professionals treat sports injuries, and help people improve their fitness levels. With growing numbers of youths playing organized sports, athletic trainers help athletes prevent injuries and recover from injuries.

3.  Computer specialists and management information systems (M.I.S.) professionals. As our country and the world become more wired, M.I.S. specialists help companies secure their company’s computer networks and keep company computer networks running smoothly and efficiently.

2.  Skin care specialists. Between dermatology offices, spas and clinics, the need for professionals who can diagnose and treat skin conditions will rise. Skin care specialists can advise patients about ways to take better care of their skin, and refer patients to dermatologists when they recognize potentially harmful skin conditions, like skin cancer, occurrences of which have increased in recent years.

1.  Bioengineering. The race to develop new medicines, vaccines and technologies to combat existing diseases and new diseases and treat injuries and conditions will make bioengineers highly valuable in the coming years.

High-Growth Industries, and the In View Series Hosted by Larry King

Growing Industries, and the In View Show

High-Growth Industries, and the In View Series Hosted by Larry King

The In View series spotlights industries that have potential for growth, such as “green energy” industries.

The dynamic nature of the economy has led prospects for some careers to decline and others to improve. Advances in technology have rendered some jobs and careers obsolete. In an upcoming series, the In View series, an educational cable television series, will explore some of the industries expected to grow in coming years and review some of the leading companies and individuals working in these industries. The In View show (561-279-3550) will look at prospects for growth and advancement, and inform viewers about the skills and qualities needed to work in these industries.

Energy and the American Economy

The In View TV series explores numerous industries that have become more prosperous in recent years, and examines the factors that have contributed to their growth. The In View series hosted by Larry King explores how innovations and technology have helped companies and entrepreneurs in various high-growth industries work smarter, faster and more efficiently. The show highlights different examples of these improvements and innovations across United States. From the production of energy and development of alternative sources of energy, to strategies that make better use of energy, energy plays a very important role in the American economy.

In View hosted by Larry King will look at job prospects in traditional energy fields, as well as job prospects in emerging and alternative sources of energy. While people and companies across America have enjoyed some economic success in recent years with fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal, others have concentrated their efforts on developing so-called eco-friendly sources of energy, such as hydroelectric power, wind energy and solar energy.

In View Hosted by Larry King, and Economic Stories

Although the economy added 175,000 jobs in May, according to the latest job figures from the Labor Department, released today, the nation’s unemployment rate ticked up by a tenth of a percent to 7.6%. Economists said that the unemployment rate increased because of the addition of recent college graduates and high school graduates to the workforce and unemployed workers reentering the workforce. The television program In View hosted by Larry King reviews economic stories and business stories across the United States. The In View show looks at steps that thriving companies across the country have taken to sustain their growth and achieve their goals despite the weakness of the economy. It also has highlighted the roles that community banks play in helping small businesses and consumers in communities, towns and cities across the country.

The In View series hosted by Larry King showcases leading businesses and entrepreneurs in many industries throughout the economy. The series brings viewers interesting business stories and financial stories from all parts of the country. The series looks at companies that have invented new processes to produce their goods more efficiently.

The In View series highlights improving conditions in markets and industries, as well as innovations and improvements that have made small businesses, corporations and others more profitable and more productive. The series follows the improving housing market, which has seen housing prices rise steadily for the last few years as it recovers from the 2008 crash.  The show is carried on cable TV outlets across the United States, such as channels like the Discovery Channel.

An Energy Breakthrough, and the In View Series Hosted by Larry King

An Energy Breakthrough, and the In View Series Hosted by Larry King

American chemist Daniel Nocera may have come up with a solution to the world’s energy needs with his “artificial leaf.”

According to a recent story by ABC News, an American chemist has invented a product that may revolutionize the world by solving the world’s energy needs. Chemist and college professor Daniel Nocera has invented a product, called the “artificial leaf,” that converts sunlight and water into hydrogen and oxygen, which can then be used to cleanly power homes, offices and even automobiles. Nocera teaches at Harvard University.  The article says that the cost of the product currently makes it too expensive for large-scale use, but Nocera believes that the cost will come down with modifications, improvements and additional research. Finding solutions to our country’s energy needs, as well as the world’s increasing demand for energy, has become a major focus of the In View series, an enlightening TV program distributed on multiple cable channels and cable networks. The In View TV series has looked at alternatives to fossil fuels previously.

In View hosted by Larry King frequently looks at promising research in the medical field, science, technology and other areas of society. The In View show highlights different companies, individuals and groups across America and around the globe that have made advances in many industries and fields. The In View series hosted by Larry King informs TV audiences across the nation about leading people, groups, organizations and firms that have developed creative solutions to various challenges facing the United States and the world.

The television program introduces TV audiences to leading figures in many industries and lines of work, and educates viewers about encouraging innovations and advances.

Medical Advances, and the In View Series

Spotlighting ground-breaking medical facilities and practitioners across the United States, the TV program In View hosted by Larry King ( introduces television audiences to some of America’s brightest medical minds and informs viewers about advances across the medical field. The best practitioners keep trying to improve upon conventional and existing practices and find a better way to treat their patients and improve their health. These innovations might include treatments that touch upon multiple facets of patients’ health, or correcting flaws in standard practices. The show highlights medical facilities that have introduced innovative practices and methods for the treatment of different diseases and health conditions, and produced positive results.

Carried on a number of major cable channels that have national distribution, including the Discovery Channel and the Fox Business Network, the In View series reaches TV viewers from coast to coast, giving the show’s subjects national exposure and raising their profiles within their industries. The television program profiles leading companies in many fields, industries and sectors in all parts of the United States and Canada, and brings their stories of success, achievement and innovation to people across the United States.

The In View TV series also shows TV audiences examples of high-achieving companies across the economy. It profiles companies that have carved out niches in their respective industries with specialized services and products. The producers and associate producers of the television program seek out intriguing and upbeat stories across the United States and Canada, and abroad, such as the stories of industry leaders throughout the economy.

In Vies Hosted by Larry King on Mental Health Services

A recent Washington Post article estimates that 1 in 5 American youngsters suffer from some kind of mental illness each year. The article goes on to state that a large percentage of such children receive no professional help because of lack of access to mental health facilities and mental health professionals. The article estimates that childhood mental disorders cost American society almost a quarter of a trillion dollars – an estimated $247 billion a year in treatment, special education, decreased productivity and juvenile justice. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention produced the report. As the consequences of breakdowns in the mental health system have become more apparent and tragic with each mass shooting the U.S. has experienced, the In View series has highlighted the benefits of mental health care and showcased some of the facilities and clinics that help individuals and their families overcome different mental disorders.

The In View TV series has shown TV audiences how people can rebuild their lives when they have access to quality and professional care. Many of the leading mental health facilities also offer services and support for the caregivers and families of patients receiving care for mental illnesses. Mental health professionals can teach patients different coping strategies to overcome phobias and harmful thoughts. Families and caretakers can learn how to help their loved ones overcome these episodes. In View hosted by Larry King will continue to showcase mental health clinics and facilities as the value of the services they provide becomes more evident.

The TV program will look at cases in which mental health services have made a positive difference for patients and their families.